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The Bonding Code Review By Bob Grant.

The Bonding Code by Bob Grant is a great relationship program for women to help create a love bond that lasts forever.

Bob Grant shows you exactly why men pull away and what you should do to make him fall in love with you all over again, by strengthen the love bond that makes him stay committed forever.

Before you purchase The Bonding Code by Bob Grant, here’s all you need to know about the program.

  • The Bonding Code Details.
  • The Author.
  • What is The Bonding Code.
  • What topics does The Bonding Code Cover.
  • Bonuses Inside The Bonding Code.
  • Conclusion.

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The Bonding Code Details.

The Bonding CodeProduct Name: The Bonding Code.
Author: Bob Grant.
Official website: The Bonding Code Website.
User Rating: 100%.
Excellent For: Women.
Bonuses: The Commitment Switch, The Intimacy Trigger, The Women Men Adore Club.
Access Method: Instant Digital Downloadable & Online Access

The Author.

Bob Grant, is a Licensed Professional Counselor, therapist, and relationship coach for over 20 years. The majority of his clients are women, who have sought his help in creating successful, satisfying, and fulfilling love relationships by simply understanding men.

He has also saved dozens of marriages from disaster, dissolution or just plain boredom.

That’s why they call “The Relationship Doctor.” He also has the prescription for finding love, keeping passion alive, and reigniting relationships that have lost their spark.

What is The Bonding Code.

The Bonding code by Bob Grant is about the 5 most important emotional phases every man must go through, for him to fall deeply in love with you.

The great thing about The Bonding Code is, it doesn’t matter what phase you’re in right now with your man. You can start now and use The Bonding Code for each phase.

What topics does The Bonding Code Cover.

The Bonding Code As mentioned earlier The Bonding Code covers 5 main emotional phase, you must let a man go through to make him fall deeply in love with. The type of love that make him think everyday on how lucky he is to have you by his side.

Phase 1: Interest

Phase 1 is called Interest and to be honest this is the easiest part. Just glance through a Victoria Secret magazine with push up bras, makeup and everything frilly and you’ll see how easy it can be to get a man’s attention.

  • Here’s some signs you have his interest.
  • He looks at you when you’re speaking.
  • He talks with your friends.
  • He stands within 3 feet of you, and doesn’t move away.

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Phase 2: Emotional Arousal

Phase two talks about Emotional Arousal, you’ll notice him wanting to see you more often. His feelings have been stirred up and now he’s looking at you like a hungry bear and you’re the honey pot.
But there is danger ahead and so many women don’t understand this.

Because what happens after this point is Phase 3.

Phase 3: Disillusionment

You’ll know you’re in this phase when he Stops texting you as much. Doesn’t want to tell you any details about his life.

And for no apparent reason, he stops wanting to go out as often. He says nothing is wrong, but you can feel him pulling away. In his mind, something is wrong and he can’t explain it.
He remembers the times when his passion for you was so intense he couldn’t sleep all night. But now he doesn’t feel that strong attraction that he did in the beginning.

Soon he begins visiting places on the web that entice him to betray his true love. These sites are telling him that he should never have any doubts. That they have the perfect woman for him, if he’ll just go to their website or download their app.

And unless you know how to handle this phase, often that’s just exactly what he’ll do. It’s easy to panic during this phase. Wondering if he still loves you.

Or if he ever loved you enough. Bob Grant will show you exactly how to get him back on track.


Phase 4: TestingThe Bonding Code testing

Phase Four is about Testing. You’re getting close but just before every calm there is a bit of a storm.

During this phase he may start getting upset over silly things, like you being late, when it never seemed to bother him before. He may even begin making excuses for not wanting to see you more often and express doubts about your relationship.

Phase 5: Bonding

Now since you’re here right now you’re probably not in this phase. So let Bob tell you about this magical place.

In his mind and heart, he is now under your spell and couldn’t be more happy. He looks deeply into your eyes when you’re speaking. Grabs your hand in public for no apparent reason.


In this phase he has made his choice. You are the only woman for him. Your happiness has become what he most desires and he’s miserable when feels he can’t make you happy. Then it happens, he realizes that it’s pointless to look for another woman.
He’s found what he has been searching for his entire life. Now all he wants is to spend the rest of his life with you.

Bonuses Inside The Bonding Code.

The Bonding code comes with a “Mouth Watering” FREE Bonuses Worth Over $197.

The Bonding Code Free Bonus 1: The Commitment Switch

Even though The Bonding Code will melt your man’s heart, he also know that some men have been injured in the past. They have Commitment phobia and sometimes they don’t even give any relationship a chance to the space to grow.

That’s why he had to sought out relationship expert T Dub Jackson who specifically works with men that just can’t stay committed in a relationship.

He had to hound him until he agreed to tell him how a woman can literally flip a man’s commitment switch, even if he’s swore off ever letting a woman get close.

Bob Grant recorded his very detailed plan called The Commitment Switch. Even though this is worth $49, it’s yours absolutely FREE to keep just for trying The Bonding Code.


The Bonding Code Free Bonus 2: The Intimacy Trigger

Bob Grant also have another gift for you called Why Men Leave. In this member’s only presentation, he’ll show you some of the ways women innocently destroy their relationship.

When you’re not aware of these relationship killers then you could accidentally trigger his fear of commitment, cause him to misinterpret what you say and even sow seeds of doubt about his love for you.

In this presentation you’ll see how to not only avoid these deadly mistakes, but how to actually melt his doubts before they lead to him leaving you forever.

This currently sells for $49, but he is giving you this special training for free.

there’s more.


Free Bonus 3: The Women Men Adore Club

He’ll included a bonus option for a free 30 trial to The Women Men Adore Club where he will work with you and a select group of other smart and successful women, so you can ask him questions about your most pressing relationship needs.

With video instruction and access to the Members Only Forums, he’ll be right with you, side by side as you apply these life changing principles.


The Bonding Code is a great relationship program that has helped so many women. This program has received a lot of positive reviews and feedbacks in the relationship and dating industry.

Bob grant is also a well known Licensed Professional Counselor, therapist, and relationship coach for over 20 years. so i’d like to think he knows exactly what he is talking about, since all his client are women who have gotten their success stories through him.

The Bonding Code might not solve all your relationship issues but i think you should give it a try. You have nothing to lose. The Bonding Code is backed by a 60 days money back guarantee with no question asked.

Click Here To Try The Bonding Code And See For Yourself If You Like It Or not.

FAQ Of The Bonding Code.

The Bonding Code review

The Bonding Code review



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